Friday, November 03, 2006

Sweet November

A month or so more before the year ends. Time surely flies fast.

To those who are curious about my so-called lovelife, I'm sorry I already promised myself never to post revealing things about that. Unwanted eyes may read and misinterpret what I write. Let's just say right now, I don't get what I expect but am too afraid to let go thinking that there may never be another one out there for me. Like I said so many times before, I'm taking this a day at a time and being happy is what matters. I know most women my age are already married or want to get married (or at least have someone to love and be loved). That's fine. We can't fight what is in our nature. Our biological clock is ticking... but I have always believed it is better to be single than be with the wrong man. Besides, there is always family and friends. This world has so many other things to offer and life is too short.

This month is my sister's month. The thing is, she's not gonna be spending her birthday here with us. She's graduating from Nursing and the last year usually means going through rotations/internship. A few days from now, she'll be staying somewhere in the rural Cavite area and spend about 2 months there. The good thing is that she'll be home to spend Christmas with us. The bad thing is melancholy-phlegmatic* me is gonna miss sanguine-choleric* her. No more loud-mouthed partner in crime for me! Haha! That's why I'm looking forward to next week. I filed for leave for next Friday. We'll be celebrating her birthday in advance next weekend (plus some geeky appearances in Mapua, Intramuros and crowd-shoving in Myx Mo!, CCP).

my bro, my sis and me

me and my sibs

I just realized I won't have a teenage sibling anymore. We're all grown up (but still child-like and sometimes childish in so many ways). I just hope our being dreamers will now help us make these dreams realities. Besides, we're not getting any younger.

May we all have a sweet November!

* Taken from the book "Personality Plus" by Florence Littauer.You can take an online test here.


mish said...

Yeah, may we all have a sweet november!

Cute ninyo ng mga kapatid mo. Despite the fact that you're no longer teenagers, you still have that teenage bond something.

Lovelife? Correct ka sis, better stay single than to end up with somebody wrongly made for you. I hope you see the right one though. It's never too late. May he be the current person you have now or somebody you'll soon meet! Chillax!

Have a nice weekend!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks for the sweet words, mish! :)

Anonymous said...

bakla, inggit ako sa 'yo. I only wish I could have that relationship with my bro...pero mukhang malabo na dahil sobrang layo na kami from each other. tapos kung nandito naman siya, puro in-laws na niya ang kasama niya at yung mga barkada. nalulungkot na tuloy ako. I feel so alone...

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

So, hanggang ngayon feeling "anonymous" ka pa rin ha Mama Gene. If you really want to be close, why not? You just have to think about your families though. It's more difficult for you coz you have your own families to think of, but I believe wala namang malabo kung may effort from both of you. Good luck!