Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sinful Escape

It's not as sinful as one might think, but since I desperately wanted to convince myself to start going on a diet, I committed a "crime" against myself. After shift and hanging out with 3 my friends, I found myself alone and killing time in the mall. I got hungry after a few hours and I "discovered" Penny Brown. I ordered a Smacker! Imagine about 2 hefty scoops of ice cream sandwiched between 2 freshly-baked cookies! Not only that, you can choose your own ice cream flavor and choose your fave cookies. I got a white choco loco (coz I love white chocolate) and a Penny Brown classic (coz I don't wanna miss that) and sandwiched between is a caramel/pastillas ice cream (coz cappucino was not available then). Yumyum! I called it "Karen's Sinful Escape". That's my Penny Brown moment.

Diabetic? No worries! Just add a few pesos and you can choose sugar-free ice cream and sugar-free cookies so everyone can enjoy this treat! I know my father would love that. Look for the stand on the 3rd floor, Glorietta 4 Food Choices. :)

After that I found myself watching "Borat". I miss watching movies alone and the movie was so funny! I recommend watching it with a group of friends. Although I didn't care laughing out loud despite being alone (especially when I saw *that* scene and I thought, now I know why that's the movie title and it's NOT because of the lead character's name. Hahaha! Evil me.) Oh well, I broke my promise of not being a glutton anymore but it was worth it. I think I deserved that treat. Now, I need an activity to sweat everything out, but the holiday season is not exactly the best time to go on a diet with all the food around, right?


Anonymous said...

Oh glorious! That's one kick-ass cookie. Is it a foreign franchise or a homegrown treat? Must get my hands on that when I'm in Manila.

I was invited to see Borat tonight, but declined because I'm not a big fan of the humor. Sounds fun, though. Did he show his toot? I laughed when I first saw the trailer in the moviehouse here, that I had to tell my Norwegian friends what Borat means in Tagalog. ;-p

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Mark: I am not sure because the name sounds foreign but this is the first time I've heard of it. You must taste it when you come home here. Oh and yes, you'll see a lot of *toots* in that movie. Very fitting title. Hahaha! It's R-18. ;)

ade said...

Yeah I saw their banner in Glorietta and it took all my strength not to look for their stall and gorge since I'm too fat already. :P

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

ade: Yes, it was really tempting. I guess we should try the sugar-free ones so we won't miss on it but still not be guilty of all the calories we take. Hehe!