Sunday, December 10, 2006

The X Factor

It wasn't planned but I went anyway. Last night the company I work with, Eperformax, had its Christmas Party in Rockwell Tent (beside Powerplant Mall). It started at 3PM but since I haven't had sleep, I grabbed a short beauty snooze and arrived at about 6:30PM, just in time to watch one of my friends/officemates (also named Karen) perform in the singing contest. That was the main reason why I agreed to go.

diva/idol Karenine and plain Karen

I was nervous like a stage mother before she got up there and screamed my lungs out like a fan when she performed. She's really great and although she got 5th place, we're still proud of her. I just wished there were more of us there who would have added to the text votes. Good for the other accounts since all of them have their weekends off while in our account, only a handful have weekends off. Oh well.

hanging around the Christmas tree

The theme was funky formal and of course, I wore my necktie again although this time I wore jeans and sneakers and a pair of specs. My color was literally black and blue. Haha! We ate (yummy Bizu!) and mingled around. It was really nice hanging out with people and friends without thinking about the stresses from work. It was fun though I missed a few people. I realized a lot of people are really fashionable and very talented when I watched the awarding ceremony (for people who have contributed a lot to the company when it comes to passion for work and tenure), the Epmax Idol singing contest and the group competition (our account, Verizon, won second place). The crowd thinned out and since I felt sleepy, we headed for home at about 12 midnight. At that time, Kala (their vocalist is also an agent working in the company although he's from Experian) was in the middle of their performance.

I was happy. I don't know if it was because of the chocolates or maybe because I realized there were more people in the company than those I just see everyday. Hahaha! There were definitely more cute guys out there though I know more than half of them are gay. Oh well. Such is life. Click here for more pictures.