Tuesday, March 21, 2006

She's the Man

Everybody has a secret.

That's the movie's catch phrase. (I am quite guilty of that too.) They say it's "Shakespeare for Dummies" but if you want a no-brainer, feel-good chick flick, watch this movie. It is full of hotties-- both babes and jocks. Besides, I like Amanda Bynes. She's a natural when it comes to romantic comedies. I like her like I used to like Lindsey Lohan during her "Parent Trap" days. I just hope Amanda won't turn into another I-can't-wait-to-grow-up-and-do-what-adults-do Lindsey. Did I mention this movie has a lot of eye candies in it? Oh yeah, particularly Duke played by model/actor Channing Tatum (what a unique name!).

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Channing Tatum

The movie gave me unexpected laughs. It's for the young and young-at-heart, single and not-so-single ladies out there, bring your girl friends and even gay friends to watch this. Squeal and swoon! It's kilig guaranteed!


carnaval said...

cutie no?! =] i don't really like watching feel-good flicks but i'm glad my sis watched this last thursday! mega tawa ang kilig. ehehehe. have a great week! =]

loryces said...

oh my god! channing tatum's in the movie!?! oh my god!!! i love him!!! he is so yummy esp in coach carter! can he get any cuter???

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

carnaval: yep! cute yung movie pati si Duke! hehe! have a great week too! :)

loryces: did you click on the pic? i saw some of his pics (and his filmography too) on the net and i made a mini-album out of them. there's one where he's showing his tush! check it out. yum-my!