Sunday, March 05, 2006

zalamat Zsa Zsa!

I got to know about it because of the people around me. First, my officemate bought the comic book and I borrowed it. Then, I browsed Jonas's blog and learned they're making a musical about it. Then I started asking some friends if they wanna watch it with me. Good thing I reserved tickets 3 weeks before the show date because they were sold out! Remember this entry? Earlier, no make that last night, I just had 3 hours of sleep after my shift. I was excited to watch Tanghalang Pilipino's "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah (Ze Muzikal)". I have to say I had one unique Saturday night gimmick. I finally saw the comic book in live action and I love it! Kudos to the author! I am too lazy to write a review coz I love everything about it. I've read some reviews and most, if not all, are all praises for the musical. But if you wish to read some detailed ones, you can check out Miao's review (Miao, Ricci Chan's portrayal of Didi reminds me of you. I'm making a compliment here. Hehe!) and Penny's review. Tomorrow will be the last performance and I wish they would show the musical again. I would love to watch it again. Oh, and this entry won't be complete without pictures so, click the picture below to view my album.

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Ms. Eula Valdez as Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah

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