Tuesday, March 14, 2006

stairway stories

This is better if it is a Halloween entry. We're in the middle of summer and I just wanted to blog this lest I forget (as if!). From all the people who have gone to our apartment, more than a couple have mentioned something eerie about our stairway. As someone who has no 6th sense or 3rd eye whatsoever and who has lived in the apartment for more than a dozen years, I have not felt nor seen anything out of the ordinary there. Unless of course, that time when I fell down the stairs a few years back and when I watch horror flicks and can't bring myself to pee in the middle of the night because I was too scared to go downstairs when it's dark.

Our apartment is a typical 2-bedroom, 2-storey with 2 flights of stairs. For me, it's not big nor spacious, but it's alright. There is a cemented, mini-landing in-between the flights and each flight has 8 steps. One person who stayed overnight has claimed she heard footsteps during the night time going up and down the stairs. I said those were just footsteps from the neighbor's coz they got kids there who love to run up and down the stairs. But she said she heard it at around 3AM. My brother's girlfriend said there was some sort of a white lady "haunting" our stairway and my brother's room. That everytime she comes and visits my brother here in the apartment, she gets sick as if someone or something doesn't want her to be here. Even my Ma has a story to tell. She said she can feel some sort of entity also lurking by the stairway and she can even hear footsteps quite similar to my father's even when my father's outside. My Ma said she thinks it is my uncle who died some years ago. As my father's brother, he had the same mannerisms as my Pa and looked a bit like my Pa too! My uncle used to live in our apartment before he moved to Batangas until the end of his days. Ma said sometimes she can feel the presence there and sometimes she cannot.

Our stairway is quite similar to this, although ours is not carpeted and is not this posh-looking. Hehehe!

These are just stories to me and after a while, I forget about them and continue on living. The "scaredy cat" in me gives way to my "logical side". Last night, my sister told me another tale about our stairway. She and four of her friends stayed in our room overnight last Saturday to work on a school paper. I guess they were thirsty and she and a friend, who apparently has 3rd eye, came down to get water. This friend said he "saw" a man sitting on the bottom step of our stairs as if waiting for something. The said "entity" is not violent. My sister's friend just guided my sis so she won't be passing through that "thing". Now, my sister's too scared to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Good for me coz I am at work at night and won't have that dilemma unless during the weekends. Heehee!

So, another story has been added to the tales of our stairway. I haven't seen a ghost in my life and I want that to remain the same. No, I don't want to take pictures of our stairway hoping some kind of orb will appear. I am too much of coward for that. Oh well!


Rob said...

Eerie. I am glad neither of the houses I lived in showcase such stories. :)

carnaval said...

wooooooooooooohohoohoooooooo... ishkereee!!! heheh, natawa ko upon reading about ava's friend w a third eye, when she guided ava at the stairs. hehehe. creeepy! =]

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Rob: Who knows? Hehehe! I haven't even felt "anything" here at home despite the stories. :)

carnaval: I think you know who that friend is. Heehee. :)

loryces said...

ayy di na ka pupunta sa inyo! matatakutin ako eh. *shudders*

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

loryces: Nyah! Ano ba yun? Promise, wala akong nararamdaman dito kaya keri lang. Heehee.