Wednesday, April 12, 2006

bull's eye

A couple of days ago, somebody mentioned my birth date at work. It was some kind of deadline or due date or something... then this person said that day's less than 3 months from now.

Then it hit me. Less than three months from now, I'll turn *gasp* 26. When I was in high school, I told myself the best age to get married and settle down is 27 or 28. I'll be turning 26 this year and I am far from "ready" to settle down. It's not that I wanna be young forever. It's just that I don't think I am ready for another stage when I'm just starting to learn how the "real" world works.

But then, does anyone ever feel ready to "grow up" and "grow old"?

Note to self:
Must save money. Must pay all credit (at least before I die). :)


Jaz said...

yea, 27 was also the age that i thought best to get married....but i guess my perspective changed as i got older. and yours, is about to change as well =)

kikaygal said...

mine was 24-25. Note the "was" ha. I remember I made my marrying age when I was 18 without really knowing the concept of marriage. But as I look at it now, baka ang marrying age ko will be 27-28. :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I don't want to set an age limit for myself now. If I become one of those girls in "Sex and the City", that would be fine. Hehehe!

carnaval said...

i've thought about the perfect age to get married, but most of the time i see myself having a daughter but without a husband. oh man! meanwhile, i'm going to name my daughter RWANDA! =] (after watching hotel rwanda, which is a very nice film for me. ehehe)

ric said...

this age for marriage is not that important. it's if you are ready or not that's important. why marry at the age of 28 but you cannot support yourself (and your future family). that's suicide.

the right time (take note, not the right age) is when you are ready. :D

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Carnaval: heehee! thinking of baby names. heehee!

Ric: Hear ye! Hear ye! :)