Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hale yeah!

I tried my best to sleep as early as I can yesterday. Slept at 1 PM and woke up at 4:30 PM. The main reason was Hale's turn to perform in the G4 Live Superbands (last week we watched Rivermaya) . From that time on until right this moment, I only had 30 minutes of snooze in between but I can say that this is a memorable day. Besides, it is a change from my boring routine so I gladly welcomed it. I don't wanna tell you all the details. Let the pictures tell the story. (Thanks Xavier for the shirt and the chance with Champ! He still owes me a pose. Hehe!)

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The adrenaline kept me going until about 12 midnight. After that, I was so sleepy at work so I had to drink a cup of coffee (with Champ still singing in my ears "a cup in hand let's sit and stay for a while...") and a bottle of Nestea Ice within my shift.

No, my day didn't end there. I watched a movie and hung out with (literally) a "couple"of my good friends from work. It was nice talking about other things aside from work. I had to wait for Mr. Willy Velasquez to get my Super Proxy shirt (thank you po!).


ivyjelly said...

gusto ko tong shirt na to!!! may baby tee ba?

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I think the ladies' shirt can be considered a baby tee coz it's only free size. I bought the medium mens' shirt coz I can't fit in their itsy-bitsy female tee! LOL!