Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sponge Cola @ G4 Live!

Crazy for you. Yes, they even sang that Madonna hit last night. I'm speaking of Sponge Cola who performed the last in G4 Live Superbands. The third one my sister and I went to. I'm not much of a fan compared to my sis but I have to say the vocalist Yael Yuzon is charming and goodlooking. I never expected he would be that short though. Hehe! But I guess that's the reason why he calls himself a "hobbit". Oh yeah, he's a Tolkien (and "Lost") fan too! Despite his admitting he's still nervous in front of a live audience, he still sings well and hits the high notes. Pretty impressive.

It was the shortest of all three performances we've seen. Probably it's because they also have a scheduled gig in Pampanga right afterwards. We were not able to get close up pics but at least my sister had our album signed by all except by Armo, the guitarist. G4 Live Superbands ended last night but they announced they'll be doing it again in June. Looking forward to that.

click here to view the album

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