Wednesday, April 26, 2006

How am I?

This is a blog update attempt. It's too hot to do anything, even sleep. I'm just killing time... killing time in a warm place. *wipes sweat off forehead* I don't know how married women with full time jobs and no household help can physically cope with all the work that needs to be done. It's been, what, more than a week now and I just get moody when I just cleaned the floor and arranged stuff and it's dirty and messy again after a few moments. I especially get irritated whenever I arrive home after a 9-and-a-half-hour shift. Boy am I glad I'm not married! Earning money is tough as it is let alone do all the household chores.

I was thinking of not going to work tonight. My father will be home alone tonight since I have work and my brother has a gig in Padi's Point Marikina. My father is such a scaredy-cat thinking that our apartment is haunted. There are stories but it's going to be pretty impractical for me to miss a night's work. Oh well, he just has to sleep it off I guess.

Work's been pretty ok lately. It's been bearable and there are even times I am looking forward to go to work, especially when there are chances for me to see *bleep*. Heehee! There were some call updates and some good news money-wise. Am just glad I haven't resigned yet.

I wish I were here:

photo searched through Google

A couple of days from now and I'll finally see and feel the beach again. Gawd, am so looking forward to that!


kikaygal said...

Glad you're having fun at work! Hope it last! :)

You really deserve a break from the city. :) Have fun! Post some pics ha? ;)

Rob said...

enjoy the beach! :)