Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bitchin' About the Beach

I tried to send another mobile blog entry last Sunday but it seems like my mobile email service provider isn't working right. I should have trusted my instincts. I knew something's gonna happen. I was glad it was not really bad (from my point of view), but it was something I wanna forget. I just wanna remember the good stuff from that outing. I wish I could but I know it's gonna be an infamous one.

Let me just say, after getting lost and going through a very dangerous path, we were led to a place that was way below our expectations. Everyone was tired and hungry and sleepy, especially those who still came from Friday shift. I promised myself I don't want to rant about the specific things that happened. I'm gonna keep that promise.

I just realized a few things. The beach has always been a haven for me ever since I was a kid. Growing up in Bacolod City and visiting to relatives in Iloilo and Negros Occidental, my family often go to the beach during celebrations like birthdays. I would always look forward to that especially during summer vacation from school. Kids always have fun. Why? They don't expect much. They see happiness in little things and have fun in many different ways. They don't think about the problems that go with planning a trip-- expenses, travel, time, food and yes, even companions. Children don't care what other people think. As long as they can play, they're happy. As adults, we tend to make everything perfect. If things don't go our way, we get mad. We find ways to blame someone or anyone. Sometimes, things get out of control. So tell me, what is the purpose of complaining about the things we cannot control? Why don't we find a way to make the best of what we have? Why can't we throw away the sarcasm and look at the brighter side of things and at least enjoy the moment? In the end, we just end up getting more wrinkles on our faces and more bitterness in our hearts. That's why I miss being a kid. I miss that time when little things make one happy.

At least I can say I got great pics and I am still happy I was able to go to the beach. I know I won't be bitching about that. Click the picture to view online album.

click pic to view album


Jaz said...

wow, the waters in ur pic look soooo inviting! i can't wait to hit the beach as well. oh, i'll be leaving for bora this weekend pa lang :)

i agree with you that as grownups, we tend to expect too much, so much so that we don't even notice the simplest of pleasures that come our way. i sure hope we all get to find our inner child once again and just simply enjoy life as it is =)

enjoy the rest of the week!

*T* said...

hi karen!

i am happy you had some beach time. :)

i love this quote:

*children find everything in nothing. grownups find nothing in everything.*

hey, i wanna check out bacolod and eat lotsa inasal!!!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Oh I forgot to inform you just click the pic to view the album. Thanks Jaz and Tien for the comments! *hugs*

Rob said...

"[children] don't expect much. They see happiness in little things and have fun in many different ways."

exactly the reason why i tend to be childish everytime.

hope you enjoy the rest of the week, Karen!:)

u l a n said...

inggit ako!!!! beach!!!!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks Rob! Oo nga beach! Gusto ko ulit bumalik yung masaya naman. Although di mo na kelangan ng tan, ulan. Pahingi naman ng konting tan dyan. Hehehe!

starshuffler said...

Wow, beach! Ganda ng pics. :-)