Sunday, May 21, 2006

Da Vinci Weekend

Why do I tire myself by being awake for 24 hours straight after my Friday shift despite my mother's worried reminders? Because I love the feeling when I finally get to sleep at night. (I work the graveyard shift.) I miss sleeping when it's dark so I treasure that moment when I finally rest my head on my pillow and my aching body on my very own bed and everything's dark and our stars in the ceiling are glowing. I love it!

Today is family day. I have saved some money and already reserved tickets for "The Da Vinci Code" tonight. We are going to the movies as a family again. The last movie we saw together was "The Passion of the Christ". I am going to treasure this day as well.

I have heard several movie reviews about DVC. I even have an officemate who fell asleep during the movie! It was after her shift and she hasn't read the book so maybe those are two of the reasons why. I didn't finish rereading the book because someone borrowed it. It's ok, I am just looking forward to watching it.


Rob said...

Aww. I miss seeing a movie with my whole family. I think the last time we all went to see one was either the first Lion King movie or Ober D' Bakod II a.k.a. ages ago.

Your so blessed Karen. :)

lei said...

i read the book, and i fell asleep!

it was a disappointment.. but don't take my word for it. =)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Rob: I know. :)
As a Cancer, I am inclined to focus on home and family more and I just set aside time and money for moments like that. The memories are worth it.

Lei: Yeah, to each his own. :)