Friday, August 25, 2006

The Bully

WARNING: Rants ahead!

Why is there always a bully? Is it because there are people who are "willing" to be bullied? Is it because some people are just too scared to show their vulnerability and weaknesses, thus they become a bully? Or maybe some people just let power and/or money inflate their heads and bully other people just because they can? It's just irritating how people can force their views, beliefs, wants and even themselves on you just because they have the power to do so. It's also a pity knowing there will always be people who would be weak and/or scared to fight back.

Oh no, bullies don't just show themselves in school. They're like pollution. They can be found everywhere. Bullies don't just choose someone younger or smaller in size. They can choose anyone they want-- anyone they can overpower. In my office I have my own "Peanut the Destroyer" (anyone who saw "Ant Bully" can laugh out loud now. Hehe!). Peanut has made lots of lives miserable and yes, I had my being-bullied-by-Peanut days too. Lately, I feel Peanut's stepping over the line... No, I don't want to kiss ass because I need my job. As I said before, don't mind me. I work. I get paid. I go home. That's all I want to do. Is that too complicated to understand?

So, let's stop bullying and fight back!


Jaz said...

oh, i've been bullied so often back when i was a kid that i retracted to myself for like half a decade! no joke!

but then, you just realize one day that you're done being bullied with, so, you gather your strength and take your stand. and that's what i did.

perhaps, it's time your Peanut-the-destroyer gets to meet his/her match! go kk! :)

Mish said...

aw, karenkristie, no matter how we avoid those people, sabi mo nga they're like pollution, you'll know they're there when your senses tell you so. isipin mo na lang na kasama talaga sila sa buhay-buhay. then when they're gone, wala na... ganun lang. yun lang naman kasi kaya nilang gawin. to make fun of other people and to sound funny sa mga kapwa bullies nila. maeere pero mababaw din naman sila. wala pang solusyon sa polusyon na yan. unless everybody got pissed off and ignored him totally.

malaki bang tao yan? baka pwedeng masapak... ingat lagi!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks jaz and mish! :)

Peanut is not just a big destroyer, that person is a power-tripper too. Oh and yeah, I followed my instincts and got what I wanted. I just hope Peanut doesn't find a way to get back to me for saying "NO!" or else I'll take this to higher management who has the ability to bully her too. Haha!