Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spaced-out Sunday

The whole week I've been looking forward to the weekend and now it's finally here, I just had to catch some sleep and do nothing at home. Well actually, I am still doing something like type this blog entry and check my emails and later on probably watch CSI rerun if I've not seen it yet and new CSI:NY episodes. I rarely watch TV and I think it's about time I get my dose of bonding time with the small screen.

I had my phone alarm last night but was too sleepy to get out of bed. There has been news circulating the net that Mars will be closest to Earth yesterday, August 26, 2006, and can be seen by the naked eye like a second moon. Yes, it was another cyber-hoax. Oh and the news about Pluto not being a planet anymore ("Pluto Gets The Boot", CNN, 25 August 2006), I still want to believe that it is. Things change as time passes. Although it may be a dwarf planet for experts but it is still a planet for me. I've been taught that when I was a kid. Hehe!


kath said...

ay... oo, peke nga 'to. recycled from 2003.. sayang.

Jaz said...

i've heard that too, i mean, 'bout pluto getting sacked as a planet. gee, now we only have 8 planets, instead of 9.

hmm...was that a cost-cutting measure?

have a great week ahead!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

kath: Peke nga. Wala na atang mabalita. Hehe!

jaz: Maybe. Haha! One less planet to explore. :)