Monday, January 08, 2007


It was the first time I saw them this huge and this near. It felt as if Gandalf was there. Haha! I have a short video clip and tons of pics but since I don't have cheap way of transferring my pictures from the cell phone to the PC, I just decided to upload four of them. I am looking forward to share "the sparkly moment" with my family on Saturday.

Last night was the third night of The World Pyro Olympics, Germany versus the UK. I had no idea which one showed the fireworks first but I'm rooting for the second display. It was breathtaking. I often found myself wondering how they could create fireworks and know what they would look like when they explode. I didn't have a good view of the water so I wasn't able to see those exploding on the water surface. I'm excited to see US's display and the Philippines's exhibition this Saturday. It was worth the sort-of stiff neck I got for looking up the sky for about 30 minutes or so. Haha!


u l a n said...

nice shots! i especially like the first image =)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks Ian! I have some more pics but unable to upload them all. I guess I just had good timing coz I took those with my phone. Haha!