Friday, January 07, 2005

remembering friends

I had some spare time at work today. It was not as busy as it usually is. Went through some friends' profiles in what Lifey calls "the accursed site". While browsing through this newly-revamped site, I got to think how time has the power to change people and yet, I was still able to see something familiar in their personalities. Familiar in the sense that I can remember and relate each friend's personality to a special memory-- something significant in my life that's worth remembering.

I thought of how we were before during high school or college. Or probably how we got to know each other and found things in common that made us click. Or how we faced challenges together. Judging from the pictures, I know their faces may not be exactly the same as those I have etched in my memory. Judging from the profiles, I know some have altered their personas and their interests. Some may be far from me now and God knows when or if I will get to see them again.

I was asking, does their memory show me as the exact same person they knew before? Will they be surprised if after all these years, I meet them again and they'll realize I've changed somehow? Will the friendship remain the same? Do they remember the moments we had together? Can they say that somehow I had made a mark... an influence or something in their lives?

I don't know where I'm getting at with this entry. I don't even know if I was able to express myself clearly. But this I do know, that I am grateful for these friends and for having the chance to know them in my lifetime. They will be treasured and will always be remembered.

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