Tuesday, November 15, 2005

long distance 2

November 14 has come and gone. I think this post ought to have a continuation.

What happened?

He did not pass the final interview. I know he tried his best but I guess it was not meant to be. He was depressed and I tried to make him realize that it's over and that he has to move on. There are more things, and probably greater things, in store for him. Things happen for a reason, right? Easy for me to say but I know he must feel terrible right now. I know how he had pressured himself to pass that interview. I'm just by his side. Last night when he told me that I inspire him and that he is grateful I believe in him, I can't help but shed some tears of my own.

What will happen now?

I just learned earlier today that he is going to Tarlac tomorrow. I asked him if we could at least see each other tomorrow before he leaves. He agreed. Somehow, a part in me has accepted this situation. Worst-case scenario for me would be if (or when?) he leaves directly for Dapitan from Tarlac and we'll never get to see each other for a long time (or ever again?). He doesn't know how long he will stay there because he needs to ask his sister in Dapitan first if he surely can get a job there. I don't even know what wil happen to us. Can we just leave it all to fate?