Monday, November 21, 2005

meeting other Potter-holics

Christmas is in the air!
Shangri-La Mall EDSA view from 5th floor

We went to our second official PHP EB yesterday in Shangri-La Mall EDSA. We finally got our Hogwarts robes (mine's Ravenclaw and my sister's Gryffindor) and spent a few hours with other Hogwarts Philippines students roaming around the mall with costumes on. It was funny coz after being an inactive member for years now, yes I was a lurker, I never thought I'd be an active member of the organization. It was nice seeing faces behind forum usernames. I guess since Lord of the Rings won't have any movies anymore, unless Peter Jackson decides to make "The Hobbit", there aren't a lot of things to look forward to, except maybe the annual New Worlds Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention that may take place early next year in time for the Narnia movie. Speaking of Narnia, I was tempted to buy the boxed set worth P1,700+ since it was on sale at 20% off last Saturday. Since it's not yet payday, I didn't want to take money from my savings account (again). Now, I'm just crossing my fingers and hope they go on sale again before the movie comes out. *sigh*

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor robes

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