Friday, November 04, 2005

long distance

Here's the first possible situation:

If he passes the job interview on November 14, he will live in Tarlac until February 2006 until his work starts. So, that means 2 to 3 months without him-- no Christmas, New Year or maybe even Valentine's Day. It's fine as long as he has a job to come back to and as long as he comes back.

The second possible situation:

He doesn't pass his job interview on November 14. He goes back to his home province in Dapitan where his sister can give him a job position for a government agency. Then he stays there for good. God knows when or if he comes back here.

So, what's the deal?

I am not a firm believer of long distance relationships.

So, what do I do?

I don't want to pressure him anymore 'coz God knows how much he is already pressuring himself. Maybe I should wait and hope for the best on November 14 before contemplating about this. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Togetherness for 2 years and 8 months, and friendship for almost 4 years is not that easy to dispose of. Damn...

Really. Damn it.

Nobody knows
Just why we're here
Could it be fate
Or random circumstance
At the right place
At the right time
Two roads intertwine

And if the universe conspired
To meld our lives
To make us
Fuel and fire
Then know
Where ever you will be
So too shall I be

Close your eyes
Dry your tears
'coz when nothing seems clear
You'll be safe here
From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Weary heart
You'll be safe here

Remember how we laughed
Until we cried
At the most stupid things
Like we were so high
But love was all that we were on
We belong

And though the world would
Never understand
This unlikely union
And why it still stands
Someday we will be set free.
Pray and believe

Save your eyes
From your tears
When everything's unclear
You'll be safe here
From the sheer weight
Of your doubts and fears
Wounded heart

When the light disappears
And when this world's insincere
You'll be safe here
When nobody hears you scream
I'll scream with you
You'll be safe here

In my arms
Through the long cold night
Sleep tight
You'll be safe here
When no one understands
I'll believe
You'll be safe,
You'll be safe
You'll be safe here
Put your heart in my hands
You'll be safe here

~*"You'll Be Safe Here" by Rivermaya*~


Anonymous said...

I am currently in a long distance relationship and it's freakin' hard and frustrating. Somehow, the old adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" rings true... Seeing each other after a looong time makes the reunion so much sweeter. But then again, maybe that's just me.

I love that Rivermaya song! Especially the line: "and though the world would never understand thihs unlikely union and why it still stands..." Sigh.

littlerascal said...

ouch!i don't believe in long distance relationships either.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read this

lizasexy said...

*sigh* i also don't believe in ldr, but look what i've got? a ldr boyfriend, hehehehe actually, kng alam mong worth trying na magwork ang relationship nyo despite the distance, then go girl, be in a ldr. Actually, the only key to a lasting relationship (whether is an ldr or normal relationship) are trust, love, respect, and communication. Kung meron ka nyan, then you don't have to worry girl, cheer up!!!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

mark, liza, chinks: thanks sa mga comments. really appreciate them.

anonymous: thanks sa link. napag-isip ako dun ha. totoo sya. :)

abe said...

been there...done that... It didn't work for us...

lei said...

been there, done that, too... didn't work for me either.

but it seems i'm going to give it one more shot. no choice.

hope for the best, expect the worst.