Sunday, October 22, 2006

Great Expectations

Lesson learned yesterday:
Never expect too much. More often than not, it will just lead to disappointments. On the other hand, expecting too little would often bring great experiences.

After work, I went straight home and packed up our things. My sister and I were ready to wear our Hogwarts robes for the NWA event in Mapua. We were looking forward to it because this was the first chance we have to wear complete uniforms in a sci-fi/fantasy event. We got there and the guards didn't let us in. There was a list and our names weren't in it. Huh? What list? I didn't know there was even a list. Hahaha! We could have gotten in at the back entrance and the guards wouldn't mind us coming in. I mean, we can be visitors and just leave our ID's right? No, they still didn't let us in. They were trying hard to look strict with the security but we had friends who got in without even a bat of an eyelash from the security guard. Hahaha! Oh well, it was fun while waiting for the "decision" of the head security. It was nice seeing familiar faces again and I do appreciate the effort several people did to help let us in. Thanks very much! Oh and hello TK-2342. Next time, we should have our pictures taken with you. :)

So, off we went to Market Market to kill some time. We wanted to sing in MusicZone but it was full. Another plan did not push through. We were quite disappointed on how the day went so far considering that I haven't had sleep yet. It was nearly 5 PM and we walked to Lot 21A (if I'm not mistaken) to the Candy Fair. We were in the parking lot and we had second thoughts about coming in. It felt like we're out of place. I mean, it felt like we're just 2 (lower) middle-class girls gatecrashing an upper-class party. I know, I know, we shouldn't think that way, but it sure felt that way when we were there. But then when we thought about Sponge Cola performing there later, we found our feet dragging us to the registration booth.

We were in before we knew it. It was like stepping in a different place. It was colorful and fun. There were lots of girls and several Candy cuties walking about. We even saw Mimi and Ines, the editors-in-chief of W.I.T.C.H. and Candy mag respectively. We are W.I.T.C.H. fans and collected the mags since issue #1. There was a kissing booth, a marriage booth, a velcro wall, handcuffs but what got our attention was the main stage. After going around for a few minutes, we saw a small crowd in the entrance. Sponge Cola (Armo, Gosh and Candy cutie Yael minus Candy cutie Chris) arrived. Yael has a couple of bouncers with him. No surprise there. We waited til they got in the back stage and waited to have our "Transit" album signed. A few minutes later, Sponge Cola drummer Chris arrived and we were glad he recognized us. He said he was the Storm Trooper who talked to us in Mapua and I was surprised coz Beejay said it was Aids, so we thought it was Aids the whole time. Hahaha! I wanted to talk some more but he still has to go back stage. After that, more photo ops followed.

We also watched the NCC coaches from UP perform cheerleading stunts. Then we found ourselves in the front of the stage and watched Craeons perform several songs. They're a promising new band and they even have their own fan base already. It was a nice feeling knowing that OPM is still alive and kicking. After that Sponge Cola performed. It was awesome and I think they best gig we've been to because we were so close to the stage. The icing on top of our cake was when Yael said Chris has an announcement to make in between their songs. The Chris greeted us, "the Losties" and I think it was only me and my sis who cheered at that time. It was great! After their performance, we had a small chat with Chris backstage. I wish we could have talked longer but they have another gig in EK. I do hope we could chat more next time.

Oh and another Candy cutie arrived later that evening. It was Champ of Hale. I don't want to fill this post with adjectives, so let me just share the pics we got. My sister had the camera most of the time, so you'll see mostly Yael pictures in our online album. I don't mind though.

Click this for pictures galore! Thanks Candy! :)


Anonymous said...

lol. things went out fine. some pessimism is good at times...

haha. keep smiling!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

That's right! The sun's always shining behind those dark clouds. :)

* little alyssa * said...

wow spongecola! :D hehe

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Yep! Sponge Cola! :)