Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Mean, The Nice and The Cuties

It's been a while since I my last entry. It's been a very busy week. Work was more tiring than usual. I've had more experiences of mean people who were supposed to be professionals and had prank calls from people who are losers and who got nothing to do except make other people's lives miserable. They drained my patience.

My brother turned 24 last October 6 and we celebrated it the day before because it was his day off. A few relatives came from Pagsanjan, Laguna and ate lunch at our place. It was like a mini-reunion. Pictures can be found here.

I went to the SM Mall of Asia for the first time and with me was my mother, my aunt and her son, my cousin Phil, who were on vacation from Bacolod City. Eventually, my sister followed since she came from school and she didn't wanna miss Hale's album launch (new album "Twilight" is out now!) After hours of walking and walking, we finally settled down in the Music Hall. We didn't have seats so we stayed in the sidelines. I think that was great because we ended up standing near the front row and that made me take better pics during their performance. Thank God for the free Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee coz I didn't feel sleepy despite being awake for about 27 hours straight. Maybe it was just my adrenaline pumping me up.

waiting for Hale
(L to R) my sis, me, Tita Malen, Mama
(below) my cousin Phil

I was great listening to Hale's new songs. The people who bought the album got a free poster, autograph signing and photo op with the members of the band. During their performance, we caught a glimpse of Chino, Champ's (the vocalist's) brother who appeared in their video "Kahit Pa", who was in pink and their dad, Nonoy Tan, who looked proud of his son's achievements and was videotaping their performance and their audience singing along. There were other celebrities too like Keith Martin who got the guys' autographs and that girl from their "Waltz" video. Sorry I forgot her name but I think she's the daughter of Gloria Diaz and she's a model. We were looking forward to the autograph signing part and it was a bit annoying that the emcee kept contradicting himself. I mean, first he tells us to "be patient" and "wait for our turn" and "take our time" since Hale will not leave unless everyone got their albums signed and then after an hour or so, he kept insisting that the people who were still enjoying themselves on stage with the guys hurry up because there are still people in line. I mean, we were a well-behaved audience and of course, we waited for a long time to get our chance to get our pics taken with the guys and when we get on stage all he can say is "hurry up"?! What's up with that?! Maybe he's hungry or something. But that's not a reason to be rude.

Sheldon and Champ

The only thing that made it worthwhile was Champ's attitude. He was soo nice and didn't even look bored or tired or impatient. I applaud him for being so professional and when he says he's thankful for his fans' support, he definitely shows it. We, the fans, appreciate that. No wonder people like him because he makes every encounter with a fan, yes even if you're a stranger, worth your while and unforgettable (unlike some people out there). He was cheerful despite the fact that he was tired and hungry. Heck, they were all tired and hungry, but he did not show it. That was an attitude we can all look up to. Some people can learn from him. I hope he keeps that up and he will stay a long time in the music industry. Click this for the Hale album launch pictures.

with Champ Lui-Pio

Don't get me wrong, I'm not gushing over a crush. But any girl who will catch his heart is gonna be a lucky one. Ok, let me gush over my crush now. I felt like some idiot who didn't know what to do when my crush looked my last Saturday morning and smiled at me. It was so high-school and I felt embarrassed. I'm still talking about that crush of mine who is gay. Imagine, I kept looking for him and when I finally saw him, I couldn't even look his way like someone blinded by the sun. Geez... Pathetic huh? Well, I don't care though coz he's really cute.


Jaz said...

my ex-office mate who happens to be an event organizer for Hale also said that they are one pretty grounded group, and that's considering they've won so many awards already...perhaps a lot of our emerging bands should learn from them, don't you think?

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

jaz: I agree. That's one of the things that would give a band its longevity. :)