Sunday, September 10, 2006

Alone Time

Last Thursday, I was sick enough to go to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said I have tonsilitis but I've been having bouts of fever with pain radiating to my right shoulder and believe it, right jaw and molars. I think it's a misdiagnosis and it's actually worse than that-- maybe pharyngitis or worse, goiter. Goiter is in my family history (a couple of aunts had it) and having hypothyroidism is very possible especially since I've been overweight since I was a year old. I have to admit I stil have good reflexes but I can't be too sure. I will have a follow-up next Thursday and I'm gonna ask my ENT if he can refer me to an Endocrinologist. I don't know if he'll ok that. The problem with having a medical background is that I get hypochondriac and start thinking I have the diseases I only read in books. Geez...

In the meantime, I have been gargling anti-bacteria like crazy and been taking (pretty expensive) antibiotics (500 mg twice a day) for the past few days aside from my daily multivitamins. It really is tough working at night, overusing my voice box and lacking the funds when I get sick. Yes, the doctor was covered but the meds are not since I'm just an out-patient. It sucks.

You Are 24% Hypochondriac

You can deal well with being sick - even if your symptoms are a little scary.
You're occasionally prone to worry about your health, but only when you have pretty strange symptoms.

Yesterday after shift, I went with a few of my officemates and ate brunch (while they drank beer in the morning. Haha!). We shared stories (and used-to-be secrets) and had lots of laughs. I was glad I didn't have any alcohol in my system because I still had the capability to go to the mall alone. I miss being with myself despite the crowd around me. I also took advantage of it and watched "Monster House". It was fun! I miss watching movies alone. I can't help but smile when the kids around me react to the movie. I love it! After that I ran a few errands for my mother and went home. I slept for a long, long time to make up for the lack of sleep the past week.


original CSI:NY cast

I'm having a slow Sunday now. I watched CSI rerun and CSI:NY's second to the last episode before the finale this season. I was suprised to see Vanessa Ferlito as a special guest for that episode. I never thought she'd be there so that her character Aidan will die in that episode. Did she have to die in order for them to get D.J. Pratt?! *sniff*sniff* It was heartbreaking and I love the storyline! I hope I won't miss the season finale next week.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! :)


kikaygal said...

Same here. I've been having this cough and sore throat for three weeks. Di pa rin ako gumagaling. Uso nga talaga ang sakit. Take care ate karen. :D

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I think the changing weather has something to do with it too. I mean, it's very hot during the day and rains cats and dogs at night. Thanks and you get well soon too! :)

JV said...

Tonsilitis is one of my sickness. It always occurs. I just hate the weather here in Pinas! It's sunny, and then it rains, sunny again and then rain again! When I have tonsilitis, I gurgle a lot, ate antibiotics, drank water with salt, and strepsils! I hate getting sick... so many things to do...

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

JV: That's true. A lot of people at work are sick because of the ever-changing weather. My throat is overused too because of the job. :(

Jaz said...

haven't done much of my rounds last week so wasn't able to note that you're feeling quite sick =(

but how are you now? all better, i hope. if you're throat's still feeling sore, try drinking some honey-diluted water, and go file a leave! your voice (and your bod) sure does need a rest.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

jaz: Thanks! *hugs*
I'm feeling better now. I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I hope it's not that serious.