Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Stuck Here

Looks like I'll be stuck here in the city this coming weekend. I thought I'll be having a hard time choosing between swimming with my friends and inhaling fresh air with my family. My sis won't have time and couldn't go due to her exams (and I don't blame her) so I'm keeping her company. Besides, it wouldn't be fun going to Pagsanjan without her. I mean, imagine just spending time with both my parents and talk about "oldies" stuff. Hehehe!

So, I'm staying home this weekend. No sun tan for me and no fresh air either. Maybe next time. I really hope so. Probably the universe is conspiring an even bigger event for me that's why I couldn't go now. Maybe. Who knows? I'll just think of a fun alternative since we'll be "home alone" (no parents) this weekend.

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