Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Flying Without Wings

(scribbled on 6 September 2006 at 2:53 PM in our bedroom)

WARNING: Raves ahead!!!

I know I badly need sleep, but if I don't write these thoughts down, I think they're gonna burst in my head. Have you ever felt that trance-like state-- a temporary high wherein a stupid smile seems to be stuck on your face when remembering certain events right after they happen? Call me a crazed fan but I'm feeling that right now. This familiar state of mind resurfaced after I watched the Westlife concert last night. It's been so long and I missed this feeling.

Westlife Face to Face
Live in Manila
4 September 2006
Araneta Coliseum

So, how was it? Well, they're back! They were amazing! They filled me up with their songs, (silly but cute) dance moves and Irish accent! (No, I'm not planning to put all their song titles in this entry. Haha!) I was alone but I had so much fun. Too bad I was far away from the stage but that didn't stop me from singing and screaming and snapping blurry pictures.

When Bryan left the group, I never thought I'd see them perform live again. But they we're there! After five long years since they had their last concert here, they showed up with more mature (but still gorgeous) faces, more beautiful melodies, more (and cooler) costume changes, more rockin' live band and more unexpected (and funny) choreography. Despite these changes, the signature Westlife sound is still there and Bryan's absence did not make any difference. (Sorry, I'm a biased Mark fan. Hehe!)

If I'm not mistaken, Manila was the first stop of their tour in this part of the planet. I appreciate that a lot. They said they'd probably come back next year and I do hope so. I hope I'll be given the chance to be in the front row this time (and I promise better pictures when or if that happens). Oh and I miss stalking them after their concert. I know I'm getting too old for that teeny-bopper, fangirl idea but I do miss the excitement.


Mark said...

To borrow a quote from another blogger friend, that's one thrill money can't buy. I'm glad you had a great time. Thanks for the photos! When in dismal seats, the giant projection screens are your best friend. :-)

JV said...

Wow! You actually attended the concert? I was thinking to attend (yep, I'm a Westlife fan too!) their concert, but then I wanted to be in the front row which would cost me 4,500 bucks! So I just decided not to go, because I want to be in the front row. I don't want to be far away from civilization! Hay... I'll miss them! Sigh...

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

mark: That's right! I was glad one of the two big screens were near my seat at that time. :)

jv: I told myself I can't miss this for the world. Yes, even if it means being in a cheaper seat (Php1,500). I still enjoyed it though. Didn't have any regrets. :)