Friday, September 29, 2006

In The Eye

Typhoon Milenyo (Xangsane) raged on for hours and thank God, it just passed us by. It was fast but destructive yet there is still a reason to be thankful for. I'm still here enjoying the free internet in the office cafe. Electricity is running in the city that never sleeps and am I glad to be working in Makati. There are still a lot of places without electricity and where I live is one of them.

raging storm
(taken from our front door; sorry for the blurry pic; it's really dark)

Many people lost their homes and their loved ones. It has been years since a typhoon centered on Manila and nearby provinces. The worst was yesterday. Classes were suspended. It was signal number 3. I got home from work a few minutes before the storm hit the worst. I'm grateful I was with my family. There is (still) power outage (locally known as blackout) and it started 7 AM yesterday in a lot of places.The wind gusts went to about 260 kph uprooting trees, blowing away rooftops (nearly blew ours), cutting cables exposing electrical wires in the process and flooding the streets with the heavy downpour. My parents were glued to the news using a battery-operated walkman. Our cellphone batteries are dying. I slept early because there was nothing to do-- no TV, no internet, nothing to keep our attention away from the howling winds outside. The good thing about that was we (both my parents, my bro and sis) had a few laughs and bonding moments, but I had to go to sleep. I woke up an hour earlier than usual. I don't wanna be late but it was tough preparing for work with no the lights on, with flooded streets, tree branches everywhere and no cabs! I nearly gave up but I was so touched when 3 strangers helped me find a cab to ride. Calamities like these can bring out the "goodness" in people.

uprooted tree in front of our training center

The sun is shining now like the storm never came. I'm still in the office taking advantage of the electricity and the free internet. I'm also waiting for my pay. I hope there's power when I get home because it's gonna be a hot day.

Speaking of being "in the eye", I am currently eyeing this cutie but he's gay. So, what's new, right? Hahaha!


Jaz said...

So many casualties in just a few hours of the storm. I think it was uhm, good??, to have been just a short breeze, coz if not, am thinking a lot more damages would have happened.

Mark said...

I'm glad the storm didn't stay there for long.

So who's this guy? :-)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

jaz: Yeah, that's true. But it really was destructive. The trees are bare and most huge billboards along the highways are gone.

mark: Hmmm... He has the same name and nickname as a cousin of mine. He likes the color green and my stalker side can't even find him on friendster and it's very frustrating! ;)