Sunday, September 03, 2006


It's been busy and crazy for the last few days. We did the hip-hop and mardi gras days at work last Thursday and Friday respectively. Pictures found here. After shift yesterday we braved sleepiness when my sister and I watched Sponge Cola perform in the mall. Some blurry pictures here. We got home really late after doing some errands, thus earned my mother's wrath (again!) when we got home. Oh well, what's new? I just want my Sunday to be peaceful and I think I'll be getting that, thank God!

Thursday: Hip-hop Day

Friday: Mardi Gras Day

More pics from the dress-down week at Aries's Multiply.


kikaygal said...

I'm glad you had fun dressing up. Ang cool ng themes nyo.

I like your mask. Very creative. :D

Jaz said...

Swanky! Am liking the pics! :) I think you guys really had a blast with your dress-down themes!

~*galenlondeien*~ said...


If I'm not mistaken this is the most successful activity we had in the office because a lot of people participated in it. Yep, we had fun. :)