Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Worlds 4.5

It was one of the most memorable Saturdays I've ever had. It made me long to attend another NWA convention and July seems like a long time from now.

Yesterday at noon we attended the memorial service in Santuario de San Jose for our friend, Ricky, who passed away a few days ago. Some people came in costumes and it was really cool. I promised not to cry but I still did and I couldn't help it, especially when I saw how sad my friends were. We all miss him.(Read touching messages from Ricky's friends or write your testimonials for Ricky here.)

After the service, close friends and family went to the cremation service in Manila Memorial. Some of us decided to grab a quick bite in Pancake House nearby and it was fun. Despite the tears a few moments before, nothing can dampen the spirits of a few friends who have more things in common than just being touched by Ricky's life. After lunch, we separated ways. Some people went straight to Fandom Cafe to hang out and wait for the others who would be attending a party to honor Ricky. It was called "NWA 4.5: The Ricky Convention". 4.5 because it's actually between the 4th and the 5th sci-fi fantasy convention. My sis and I went home first because I have to get a few hours' sleep since my energy was running low. I just came from my shift at work. I had 3 hours of sleep and woke up again to prepare for the gathering of geeks. The location was a long way from home so we got there at quarter to 10. I missed some people who left early but many of my friends and those I only see during the con were there and were already having a blast. Bar was open and some people were happily drunk. There was music, books, posters, internet and a viewing room (that time some were watching Battlestar Galactica). No, it was not just intellectually stimulating talk. It was the camaraderie that bonded us together. We toasted and cheered for Ricky. Most of the time, my sis and I were just on one corner getting entertained by watching people around us and sometimes singing along with the music. It was fun! Ricky would have had a great time watching us there.

Who says geeks don't know how to party?

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