Monday, May 14, 2007

Hobbits on the Loose

The past weekend was one of the busiest and most enjoyable weekends I've had. Yes, there were low moments, we can't avoid that, but being busy made me momentarily forget about those.

I was on leave from work Friday, so I had enough sleep to last the whole day Saturday. I finally met one of my best college buds, Laurice, after 5 long years! She came from the States last Friday and we had lunch with another ka-barkada, Joy. My sis went with us. Laurice bought me "Children of Hurin" and I nearly fainted with happiness when I finally had the book in my hands. Yes, I love Tolkien.

Children of Hurin

After lunch, we stayed for a while to attend the Hobbiworx Tagcom convention in the Araneta Expo Center. My sis and I had our Hogwarts robes so we gave out some flyers for the reservation of HP Book 7. It was interesting and is a haven for anime fans, but the place was very hot. We were sweating in our robes, so we stayed near the air conditioner. Haha!

fandom crossover
me wearing my Hogwarts robe (Ravenclaw), a borrowed purple lightsaber with a Transformers poster as background

We had to leave early to buy for food and drinks for our TPTS Hobbit Party, a party to celebrate the visit of Laurice, who is actually one of our founding members, and the birthday of Data, also one of our members. We had mushrooms and potatoes and more. Hobbits dig parties! Haha! We watched "LOTR: Return of the King" extended edition and played charades. We went home about 2 in the morning because my batteries were running low but I had much fun being with friends. Photos from the TPTS website here.

with Joy and Laurice

group pic from Ian's cam

Pictures from my sister's camphone here. Sorry for the not-so-good photo quality. The lights were dim so the photos aren't too good.

Yesterday, I met up with Laurice and Joy again. This time, we had Joan with us. We roamed SM Mall of Asia. Laurice isn't used to crowded place nows. We were supposed to watch a movie but we wanted to be home early. We had dinner instead and talked. It was just like old times. Each of us changed somehow, but we still clicked and that's what matters.

On a not-so-happy note, I am learning to be officially single. I haven't had time to get all emo on it yet but I want to believe we parted in good terms so there is a good chance we can still be friends. I am so glad I have great friends. The distraction is more than welcome. I am enjoying my time right now. I think what I need is a weekend on the beach with 3 other single friends. I can't wait for next weekend!


kikaygal said...

wahhhh!!! Inggit ako! Ate told me that the first food that she's going to eat is the red hotdog. Hahahaha.. halata nga sa picture na namiss na ung red hotdog.hehehehe

I'm so happy that you finally hang out together after 5 freaking years. Update pa ate karen. hehehehe

loryces said...

it was nice seeing you again and joy and joan. *hugs*

hmm i wonder what those changes are. :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

kikaygal: You'll have your turn. Patience na lang siguro. I'll update you more pag may kasama nang pictures. :)

loryces: Looking forward to spending more time with you. The "changes" I mentioned, I'll tell you this Friday. I'll see you soon! Mwah! :)