Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rock Around the Clock

Tomorrow is Friday! No work for me. Puerto Galera, here we come!!!

Yes, I can't hide the fact that I'll be out of the office for 4 days and I'll be spending my time with (single) college buddies on the beach instead. Woohoo!

This week didn't go by without memorable experiences though. Last Tuesday night, I had to wake up earlier than usual to catch The Bloomfields perform live in Strumm's Jupiter before my shift. Ok, I have to admit, Ian and Laurice had to drag me, but I was glad they did. I had fun even if I had to leave before they even started their second set. I promise myself I'll be seeing them again perform live soon (hopefully). I promise I won't have to cut it short because of work. Hehe!

The Bloomfields pictures posted here.

Have a nice day everyone! :)


kikaygal said...

Ingat kayo sa Puerto Galera. And enjoy everything that galera has to offer. hehehehe

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

Thanks! We'll make the most out of it. :)