Monday, June 16, 2003

I am on my break now and it's a busy night at work...

It's a Sunday. I am supposed to be sleeping soundly at home, right? Usually I am but I filed for OT today. Probably because I spent Saturday and Sunday morning at home and I don't want to be bored by staying there another day. I just watched two mini-marathons of CSI in AXN (which means 6 hours yesterday and 6 hours today). Yeah, such a couch potato! Glad I did coz they showed everything in season 1. Another reason is that I'm missing him since he is out of town right now and he'll be back next week and I want to be distracted. That's why I work. Plus I need the extra cash before July comes coz I'll be turning 23 (damn it) and I don't have money for that (my sister just started college and I'm responsible for the finances too.)

3 and a half more hours. Please give me the patience to bear these barrage of calls.

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