Friday, June 27, 2003

My sis was ecstatic (I can't find any stronger adjective to describe it) when I showed her the HP5 book. Her sleep was cut short and we were both lying prone on bed reading til chapter 5. We were laughing and screaming together. It was fun. The book was so cool and I can't wait to continue reading. There was action even on the first chapter and we couldn't take our hands off it. My eyes, of course, got tired so I slept. I think she is in chapter 13 now. I promise to keep up this weekend. Now, I'm having second thoughts whether I will do OT on my rest days. Hmmm...

I miss him. He seems busy there since life is more exciting there in the province compared to when he is left alone in his house. We are not texting or calling each other that often anymore. I resent it but I don't want to be the one who always sends him messages and calls every now and then. I would rather give him space to breathe, although I really do miss him. *sigh*

Walk did not go well. I walked only halfway since I was carrying the HP5 book and it's heavy. I was also excited to go home quickly. I even drank orange juice and ate cheese bread when I arrived home. Ok, so I didn't do well today. I will tomorrow.

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