Tuesday, June 03, 2003

When a white sheet of paper has one black ink drop on it, we often notice the dot that ruins the entire paper. Then we eventually discard that one and use another clean sheet of paper.

Just like a person living a clean life. When he does something out of his character (out of the ordinary), we often judge the person, not by all the good deeds he has done, but by that "one little mistake" he made.

Where is the justice in that?


On the other hand, I also believe in karma. All the bad or good deeds we do will always come back to us. Like when someone used to play with other people's feelings. A time will come when he falls truly in love, he will suffer the consequences of his past actions. It would usually turn out to be a waste of time when he will still be mending his previous mistakes even if he now has a chance to be happy. Too bad for him, right? It's a price he has to pay.

But since life is a chain reaction, even if you did not make that past mistake, you get also affected. Why? Probably because the only thing that you did was love that person who made a mistake. (But if it's going to be considered an error also on your part, then that would change the sense of this blog entry.) Most often, you get affected the most because you're hurting for both of you, not just for yourself.

Tell me again, where is the justice in that?

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