Friday, June 06, 2003

What's behind your emotions?

Your emotions are triggered by your underlying belief in Integrity.

In other words, your uncompromisingly honest nature directly affects how, and how often, you experience certain feelings.

For example, your test results indicate that you're most fulfilled when you hold fast to your moral ideals. That factor is directly related to your fundamental belief in integrity and the range of emotions it triggers.


I just got my 5th month appraisal. I've been working for five months already in the company. Had a one-on-one talk again with my sup. (I know a lot of girls who would want that, but I guess it doesn't affect me at all. Probably because he's not my type.) Sssshh... Hahaha!
I will be a regular employee by next month. I just saw my evaluation form and I was glad. At least I belong somewhere now, although I know it's not for me forever. At least I know a company wants me, although I still want to work in a hospital. At least my salary will have a slight increase somehow, although it would not be much. At least I feel wanted somewhere, although I am not sure if I wanted to have a serious career here. At least I'm feeling a bit ok now, although I would still have to go through the weekend and I cannot decided what to do yet.

I'll meet a couple of friends tomorrow. At least somehow I have them to talk to when I feel like bursting with stories to tell and nobody's there to share it with.
I'll go visit him tomorrow since he's sick. He asked if I could visit him on Sunday since he wants me to be with him the whole day instead of a half day only, but I know I have to be with my family on Sunday.
I'm thinking of going to TPTS' first anniversary party in Hobbit House, but no definite plans yet since I am not sure what would happen tomorrow.
I'm seeing myself like a zombie again since I will do all these after a 9-hour work shift.
Later, I'll be getting my TSE (Test for Spoken English) exam. It's one of those requirements needed for people who wanted to apply for work in the US. I haven't received my TOEFL results yet though.

Wish me luck!

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