Sunday, February 20, 2005

girls' night out

One of my closest friends at work informed me that she is proud of my making that decision. Of all people, I wouldn't thought she will be the one to tell me that. These past few weeks, I have been disappointed of her reaction about me resigning. (Please see previous posts.) It felt like she was just thinking about herself. But I was wrong.

Last night was one of the best girls' night out I've ever had. There was no fancy restaurant, no expensive movies, just plain fun and pure friendship. We stayed in one of my officemate's condo unit. We spent the night and almost the entire morning there. We each drank a bottle of vodka cruiser and several shots of Bailey's. We played Ice Breaker and this game she (the girl I was referring to in the first paragraph of this entry) made. It's a bit like Ice Breaker but the questions were very personal and most of them are about our job in that company. There were only six of us, since one could not attend , but nevertheless, it was still fun.

I never thought I could share a lot of myself, my thoughts-- even the very private ones, to this group. It felt good to know that someone is willing to listen and understand.

friends 'til the end (DJ, Gene, Sarah, Karol, Joan)
(me not included in pic. taken using Nokia 6610i)

I was offered a coach/assistant supervisor position in the company. About a month too late since I've already made up my mind that I have to move on. It was supposed to be my very first promotion, but since there is no increase in pay with all the additional responsibilities, I just thought that was a stupid offer. Actually, before that I was asked if I wanted to be a trainor too. I was quite surprised since I never passed a letter of intent to my supervisor for these positions. If there was and increase in pay, I would have thought twice. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful to my supervisor for doing that for me, for fighting for me even if the management is not that keen on giving me a promotion (Read: I don't kiss ass.) Having that person as a supervisor in that company is one of the good things I am thankful for. I will never forget what she did for me. I hope she won't think that her efforts have gone to waste.

I just wanted to keep my priorities straight, so I turned down the offer for the coach position. I know that if I accept that offer, I will regret it. I don't want to back out from my plan to transfer to another company. Besides, I've already confirmed my attendance for training and I am looking forward to paydays. *cross fingers* It's tough leaving a routine and facing the unknown, but I'm not happy there anymore. I know I'll meet new people, but I never regretted my almost one year in that company. I have maintained and made new friends and I will never forget them. If you'll get to read this, you know who you are. Thank you for a wonderful night out and for not hesitating to share your opinions and stories with me. I will always remember you. And to you, the girl who made the game and the night fun, no one can replace you. You're truly a unique person and you'll always be a friend to me. I'll miss you all! =)

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loryces said...

ngek, promotion without added benefits is just plain stupid.

so how was your week in the new company? :)