Tuesday, February 01, 2005

5 things (from Ivyjelly)

Five Things You May Not Know About My Time in School:
* My father did not want me to go to UP in case I ruin my Catholic school girl image and turn into an activist, but my Ma was ecstatic when I passed the UPCAT.
* I was a consistent honor student since I was in Nursery until I graduated from High School. Haha! What a geek.
* I did not enjoy much of my teenage years in high school because my parents pressured me to maintain my being an honor student so what I did most of the time was study.
*My parents cut me some slack when I went to college and they never pressured me again. But the course was so tough I had to pressure myself instead to do well. Bummer.
*I graduated from B.S. Physical Therapy and passed the Board Exams but never got to practice it.

Five Things You May Not Know About the Job/s I Have (or Had):
*My first job was when I worked as a research assistant in a medical study conducted by a huge pharmaceutical company for almost a year. I quit because I was not given any benefits.
*I have been working in the callcenter industry for more than two years now and I still am not happy with my job despite the fact that the pay is good.
*I am currently contemplating on resigning (again!) if the offer is better in that other company.
*I suffer from backaches and eye strain since I spend more than 9 hours of my day in front of a PC.
*Practice made me maintain 60-70 words per minute (depending on the mood) when I type and I am not even a touch typist (that means my fingers are not in their proper locations in the keyboard).

Five Things You May Not Know About Where I Live:
*I live near a Muslim community so there is a part in our street where there are no Christmas decors during the Holidays.
*A few years ago, an old house caught fire only a block away from where I live and I was so nervous then when we were gathering our things to get ready to evacuate.
*We only live in an apartment and we have lived there for about 10 years now but I don't know most of my neighbors.
*I live only 3 blocks away from the city mayor's house so everytime there is a brown-out, he makes sure our place gets electricity first. Now he is working on the water pipes in our community. Ahh... the advantages of being near a political figure. Hahaha.
*I live in a "strategic location". That means whether I wanna go to Manila or Makati, there is no problem since both areas are accessible from where I live. We are still in the Manila area but we are near Makati's heart district.

Five Things You May Not Know About My Home Life:
*A few years ago, the five of us (mom, dad, sis, bro) live in one room. We share the apartment with some relatives and we converted one of the bedrooms into a studio-type room where we sleep, eat and watch TV.
*I live in an apartment with my father, mother, younger brother and younger sister.
*Due to our different schedules-- work for me, school for my sis and gigs for my bro, we rarely eat together.
*I rarely go out of our house unless I need to buy food, rent PC or if I'm going to work or to the mall.
*It was only 2 years ago when my brother had his own room and I share mine with my sis. Before, the three of us share only one room and one double deck bed.

Five Things You May Not Know that I Desperately Want:
*To travel the world before I die.
*To discover my passion.
*To make decisions for myself and not for others.
*To give my parents the comfortable life they deserve since they're both retired now.
*To be financially stable.

Five Embarrassing Fannish Admissions I Have That You May Not Know:
*My love for boybands came out when I was only four years old. My mother bought me a Menudo tape (Ricky Martin's band) because I wanted to have one.
*I had this obesession with Prince William and I even chose Princess Di's death as a topic of my term paper in college (that paper gave me a 1.0 grade).
*I am a Westlife fanatic. My fave is Mark Feehily. I am proud to say I watched all their concerts when they went here in Manila. I have four huge photo albums filled with Westlife pictures taken during their concerts and even during the times when we went to their hotels just to sneak a peek of these yummy Irish lads.
*After Prince William and Mark Feehily (of Westlife), my new obesession is Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas in "The Lord of the Rings". Pretty, pretty elf!
*I am a fanatic of Lord of the Rings. The top shelf of my book case is like a Tolkien shrine. All Tolkien books are displayed there, including pictures of the characters of LOTR and my two Legolas action figures.

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