Saturday, March 19, 2005


Big relief for me since I passed the exams (with flying rainbow colors! Whoopee!) Here's to two weeks of real, live calls in OJT ahead! Scary! It was actually just a half-celebration since one of us in the batch did not pass the exam so he was automatically removed. (We'll miss you, Benjie!) Yeah, that's one less person from the Cox and Fox batch. *sniff* Well, I just hope the best for him, and for all of us who were left to face the reality of the job. It is tough, I have to admit. But I hope it's going to be well worth it by payday. *wink*

There is no perfect job, no perfect company. I should know. I have been through 3 different companies in the past three years. I am never satisfied coz I know I've seen through all the "good sides" of these companies and I know it is improbable for me to find all these good sides rolled into one. Honestly, I am still questioning myself why I applied for this job. I know it's all about the money. But after the money, what else? I don't know. I also don't know if I'll last another year in this new company. Looking at what I'm going to do for the next few weeks, I can sense that the job is not my cup of tea. But what the heck? I'm here and I have sacrificed a lot-- time and effort, to get here. I won't back up now.

It's true that we can't please everybody. Coz I know for a fact that I am not pleased with everything in front of me. Do you ever get "bad vibes" from a certain person even if you still don't know that person? There are people whom I can bond with instantly and there are those people that I abhor (I apologize for the lack of a better word) even if it's only the first time I met them. Unfortunately, there were a couple of people in my workplace who are giving me that impression. I never really got to feel "lightly" towards them ever since the first day I met them. I can't explain why. My instincts were right as usual. The first one, we all agreed is a monster (I am not lying). Let's just call them person A and person B. Person A thinks she's a goddess. This entity has her own power-tripping moments on the floor. Person B, I think, is a bitch. Don't get me wrong coz I can be a bitch too, but only one bitch can be on the spotlight one at a time. I only shared this feeling about her with a friend. I was relieved to know I am not out of bounds with this judgment because this confidante also feels the same way.

I can deal with person A. All I have to do is scuttle in my shell and be quiet and stick to the rules and she won't mind me. But person B is different. She's always there. It's irritating. But no, I won't let her out of my way. Her presence will only remind me about the truth that we cannot please everybody. I guess that's one of the reasons why those kinds of people are in my life.

Not everything was handy-dandy last night. I just had the feeling that someone is not too happy with what I'm doing for myself. Friends are supposed to be happy for you for your achievements, right? Some people are not meant to be friends then. My horoscope for today read:

Someone out there is positively steaming mad -- not at you, exactly, but certainly about you. They're upset because you have something that they want, something that they feel they deserve more than you do. You can't help but pick up the vibes -- and one more icy stare might just turn you into a pillar of stone. If they initiate a discussion, be sure to have witnesses handy. Jealousy can warp even the most objective brain.

With person B, I felt it. I did. It was not a nice feeling. For one moment last night I thought that person B was laughing AT me, not WITH me. There is a HUGE difference. I did not like it at all. But I guess I have to live with that.

Here's one of the moments that make work life a little less stressful:

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Ella + Me = MU! (Hehehe!)

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