Saturday, March 26, 2005

a week's time

I think we all passed OJT for this week. The QA average we needed to meet was 80%. It's the weekend, I know, but it's not over yet. One more week and this stage is through. I don't think I'll be relieved until the end of OJT. I really hope all of us in the batch will pass. Honestly, this is the toughest account training I have ever experienced! Three people from our batch are now being missed. I think we all have invested a lot of ourselves-- time and effort and I don't want anyone in the batch to leave anymore. I really hope all that hardships are going to be worth it.

A couple in the batch are thinking of quitting. I won't quit just yet. I think I've done so much to let everything go down the drain. Next week is going to be ultra-stressful. We have to get a QA average of 90% in order to pass OJT. Wish us luck! (What a way to spend the Holy Week.) =(

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