Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Where did my entry go?

I remembered publishing an entry yesterday with "Grrr..." as the title. It was supposed to be after "meeting a Pea" and before "live calls galore". I can't seem to find it anywhere. I obviously, did not delete it. What the hell happened?!

Two weeks ago, I corresponded with someone from the U.S. who said she went to blogger and accessed my Dashboard immediately. Good thing I don't have important info stored in here like SSS or TIN. Imagine, someone halfway around the world was able to access my most private thoughts and had the power to delete more than 2 years worth in one click!!! Scary huh? That's why I emailed Google Privacy and until now, I don't have a response.

Now, an entry is missing. Is it possible that another soul (more souls?) out there have access to my account?

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