Monday, April 18, 2005

night beckons ...

Come May, I'll be back to the "graveyard shift". Yes, night shift once again for a day sleeper like me. I felt what it's like to work during the day and although I'm "normal" for about a month, I miss working at night. Don't get me wrong, sleeping at night is more relaxing especially now that it's summertime. I like to watch the sun rise and hear the birds sing in the morning. I also like to see the morning fog. Oh, correction, here in the city it's a morning smog. They say it's more dangerous to travel at night. But there are a few reasons why I like to work in the night shift:

  • Night differential. That's more or less additional P800 per payday.

  • Less prank callers. Therefore, more valid calls. (Hell, yeah!)

  • Time seems to fly by faster at night.

  • No traffic.

  • Less crowd.

  • Bearable heat on my way home.

  • I like the thought of not getting ready for work on Monday mornings.


Conclave in the Vatican has started. I just hope they, the cardinals, choose a worthy one to replace Pope John Paul II.


One of our TPTS members wrote an article for Manila Bulletin about the upcoming New Worlds III, read on. Yes, I will file a leave of absence from work so as not to miss that event. :)

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