Friday, April 08, 2005

random thoughts

After shift, the terror sup called me and discussed what I did earlier at work. I was on standby mode for 9 minutes and I was not aware of it. She thought I was avoiding calls. I am too new to be avoiding calls huh. I really thought for a moment I'll be terminated. Sheesh! Glad it went well. I just signed a paper and next time I do that, I get a written warning. Nyarks!

Weekend again! Come to think of it, I'll be the head of the family for the next 10 days since my parents are as of the moment, on the plane to Bacolod to attend a wedding. My Ma will also have her check-up there to get a second opinion from her OB-GYNE.

So, here's to freedom and wild parties! Yeehaw! NOT!

Actually, no one will cook for us. I have to learn how to digest the food in the canteen. I'll be doing the laundry, the house cleaning, the ironing and yes, the budgeting for the next week. It's going to be tough since I'm used to just sleeping when I feel tired. *sigh*

I'm still in the office cafe. They're watching the mass celebration for the Pope's burial. I'm listening to the priest and the choir. The choir is great! And of course, the crowd is huge and there are a lot of VIP (and I mean really Very Important People) in the crowd. I told my friend it's a haven for assassins. Hehe! I was surprised when the commentators in Fox News' coverage quoted Cardinal Sin when they mentioned about the Pope's "unconventional" ways as he once visited a synagogue. The Pope was one-of-a-kind since he was open to other religions (like the Jews, the Moslems, etc.) and considering the history of the Catholic Church, it was an extraordinary move. I also admire the way he kept a bond with the youth. I notice a lot of of young people make up the crowd during the funeral. A while ago, Filipino was one of the languages used during the mass. They even sang "The Apostle's Creed" in Tagalog. Cool! It was a beautiful celebration to remember a great man. It makes me think it is possible for one man to touch the lives of many.

Yesterday, my sis and I went to Manila Cathedral in Intramuros to sign the Pope's condolence book. Earlier today, they shipped those books to the Vatican. Buti pa yung sulat ko makakarating sa Vatican. *sigh*

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