Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NWA 3 Day 2

Back to my normal life. I am not looking forward to work tonight since I caught a slight fever probably because of the drizzle last night when we were waiting for a cab to take us home. But I don't want to move on without documenting the second day of the 3rd Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. It was a day of geekiness and for a geek like me, it was fun.

My sister and I arrived after lunch and The Matrix Philippines were displaying Matrix moves on stage from the Animatrix. We went to the TPTS booth directly and I noticed some changes on the booth from the first day. There were more Tolkien items for sale (a Legolas action figure, LOTR Trivial Pursuit and LOTR Monopoly) and more posters and pictures of The Shire taken by one of our members when she went for a Middle-earth tour in New Zealand.

TPTS Booth Day 2

We got to meet a lot more cosplayers because compared to the first day, which was limited to Star Wars only, it's Sci-Fi/Fantasy Day! At about 3PM, we went to Hard Rock Cafe to attend an Elvish lecture from our very own Elvish linguist Mr. Vicente Velasco, know in TPTS as Rashbold. I learned interesting things about elves and their hand gestures and how they write their numbers. After the lecture, we went down and took some snapshots of the cosplayers and my fave was our pose with Darth Vader and his red lightsaber (Haha!).

with Darth Vader

Everyone was busy over our booth since the annoucement was made about Elvish weddings conducted by Saruman in Elvish, complete with costumes and free wedding certificates in Quenya (not legally binding though) to take home. Here's a snapshot of the Elvish wedding of King Elessar and Arwen Undomiel on stage, with Frodo Baggins as the ringbearer and Luthien, Galadriel and a ranger as witnesses. It was cool!

Elvish wedding

We also got to watch a Harry Potter trivia game (my sister was so disappointed when she realized she couldn't join because she's a PHP member), missed a New Worlds Amazing Race when we attended the lecture, cheered for SWP jedi when they showed their lightsaber fight moves on stage. The highlight of course was the cosplay contest. The winner was The Witch King and runner-up was Edward Scissorhands. On the kids division, the winner and only contestant was this cute 18-month-old baby girl in Quidditch robes.

TPTS banner parade

This event will not be complete without the group pictures take on stage. I did not join PHP since I felt out of place but I did join TPTS on stage, so I didn't have a pic of that. I will try to find a shot from my friends. The hardest part for some members was dismantling the pretty booth after all their hard work. So, I took some shots of the booth as remembrance. You can now view my Sony Imagestation album for new pics! Finally.

I hope there is going to be another one next year. I did not regret not having to go to work just to experience that. =)