Sunday, May 22, 2005

so it ends

W A R N I N G : S P O I L E R S ! ! !

W A R N I N G : S P O I L E R S ! ! !

W A R N I N G : S P O I L E R S ! ! !

Revenge of the Sith

Watching Episode III was like finding the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. After doing a Star Wars marathon of all the episodes, it was my second fave after "Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi". It was the most violent and in my opinion has the coolest and seamless special effects. Although I still have some questions in my mind (like how do Jedi choose their lightsaber color, is it due to personal preference?), most of the major questions I have in mind were answered.

It was not only violent, IMHO, it was the most emotional too. I can just imagine how Master Yoda felt when he knew Jedi all around the galaxy were being killed; how Obi-wan felt when he saw Anakin, his very own apprentice and "brother-like friend" burning in front of him (without his limbs!); how Mace Windu felt when Anakin cut his right hand to prevent him from killing Palpatine; how Padme felt when he learn Obi-wan is going to kill Anakin because he has turned to the Dark Side; and how Anakin (at that time, Darth Vader) felt when he learned that Padme died despite everything he did to prevent that. Almost all major characters have their own "major emotional moment". I nearly cried when all the younglings were killed! *sniff*

Good thing there was still a comic relief. Artoo (R2D2) never failed to make me laugh with his more complicated tasks, high-tech defense mechanisms I never thought he had and new varieties of sounds depicting his own "emotions" as the story unfolds. Threepio (C3PO) is his usual stringy, panicky droid character whom I got to love and pity at the same time. He leads such a sad droid life, especially when he learned they're going to wipe out their memories. =(. I do appreciate those unexpected humorous moments and exchanges between Obi-wan and Anakin. And I thought Jedi weren't supposed to get in touch with their emotions. Haha!

Since I also got to watch "The Clone Wars" in Cartoon Network, I was a disappointed with General Grievous. I never thought he'd die that easily. I mean, he has a lot of lightsaber collections from the Jedi he killed. He has great fight moves and got four arms plus he could use his feet to handle a lightsaber! But why did he have to die so soon? And why was he coughing all the time?! Why? He looked weak to me, very unlike the General Grievous in the Clone Wars cartoons. When Mace Windu died, my reaction was, "That was it?!". I didn't think he'd die that way and that... fast! It's like, there goes my favorite purple lightsaber! Then he's gone. Another disappointment is the script prepared for the former Queen of Naboo and Senator Padme. All she did was cry and stay up in their pad. I know she's pregnant and all, but where is that strong character who wore tight-fitting costumes (ala-"Tomb Raider") with laser guns in Episode II? Also, I have to say Anakin and Padme don't have that chemistry whenever they're doing their mushy scenes together. I still am a Han Solo-Leia Organa shipper. My sister even mentioned Han Solo-Chewbacca ship when we were watching Episode VI. Those two had more chemistry than Hayden and Natalie! Haha!

I like the fact that Mr. Lucas decided to maintain the opening sequence (same fonts and that scrolling at the beginning), the music, some of the actors and costumes (like Chewbacca and Darth Vader). At least there's uniformity despite the improvement in cinematic effects. I also like the fact that Lucas thought of characters undergoing the same thing and stating similar lines. I like the irony of it. For example: Count Dooku cut Anakin's right hand, Anakin cut Mace Windu's right hand and eventually, Darth Vader cut Luke Skywalker's right hand in Episode VI. Another example: Padme saying "There is still good in him..." (referring to Anakin) and Luke saying the same thing to Yoda in Episode VI.

I think the movie was a bit fast-paced too. I mean, I wanted to savor each moment. Hey, it is the last installment of Star Wars! But then it all had to end fast. So, I want to watch it again. I haven't even noticed George Lucas making a cameo in the opera scene. Looking forward to my second viewing. =)


luinthoniel said...

Waw... you really did a great intellectual review... Nyahahaha... compared to my extreme fangirlish nonsense review here:



~*galenlondeien*~ said...

hey cheska! thanks for reading. :)

gene said...

ako naman, after watching, parang gusto kong panoorin yung return of the ba yon? where obi wan told darth vader na anak niya si luke skywalker? at magkapatid sila ni princess leah? actually, gusto kong panoorin yung lahat ng star wars episode mula sa unang-una.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

mama gene, i suggest u read all episodes 4, 5 and 6 para mas kumpleto. =)