Tuesday, May 03, 2005

old ways

Let's start with the lighter side of my day. Yahoo! Mail is offering 1 Gb memory storage for free! Hahaha! Way to go! I can still rememer starting with a 2Mb inbox, then 6 Mb and after a few years, went up to 250 Mb when Gmail offered 1 Gb. Now I think Gmail is offering more than 2 Gb storage. Let's see if Yahoo! Mail can keep up with the competition. That will mean loads and loads of free email storage for us with multiple email accounts! Woohoo!

On the other hand, my first day in GY with a new team and a new sup is ok. Ok in the sense that I survived the mandatory pre-shift meeting an hour before my actual shift without OT pay, side-by-side call monitorings by my sup and getting only 93 point something when my sup wanted us to get at least a 95 QA average, damaging my chances of getting a bonus for schedule adherence since I couldn't check my bladder and I had to go to the restroom an hour before the end of my shift (remember my history of UTI?), that is because I have to take calls for 4 straight hours without breaks in between. So, was that a memorable first day or what?!

Although it is really against my will, I submitted to the thought that I may not be able to watch the "Kingdom of Heaven" premiere tonight because I may be late at work, so I told my sis to bring my Ma instead. I can watch it at another day. But... Aaarrgh!

I also learned that one of my used-to-be-but-not-anymore close first cousins is getting married this December. We learned it from another close relative. Yeah, we "parted ways" when they learned we are not financially able anymore and they didn't want to give further assistance to my family. I guess this is it then. I just miss those days when we were younger and innocent of the way the world works.

I realized that I went back to my old ways-- my lonely moments again when I sat in the corner of the pantry earlier to eat. I ate alone and made sure I had my headphones on so no one will disturb me. After that, I went to the ground floor outside the building alone, killed time and appreciated the serenity of dawn. Like that song... Alone again, naturally.


gene said...

ang lungkot naman :(

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

i know. but sometimes it's nice to be alone coz there are times when i prefer myself as company over anyone else. :)

Reggie said...


i've been reading your posts lately and i just wish i can accompany you whenever i can. i know you're in a very hard situation, i can somehow relate because someone very close to me also experiences the same thing. for now, what i can do is pray that you'll be able to surpass your struggles in life. you take care always okay?

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

hey reggie! thanks so much. =)