Friday, May 27, 2005


Yeah, for the past couple of days, I've got an on-off fever. I'm still thankful my fever subsides whenever I'm at work. All I wanted to do is sleep, sleep, sleep! I think I also have a wound in my throat. It's really painful when I cough. It sucks since I'm relying on my voice to earn money. *sigh*

Gotta see a doctor after shift tomorrow. Let's see what happens. Some of my officemates are going to Puerto Galera this weekend. I'm stuck at home. I wish I could go there again. It's been about a decade now since I last went there. But I guess I have to rest first. Oh and by the way, my Sony Imagestation album is already up with the second day pics. Sorry if they're not clear, I gotta get a better cameraphone or a digital cam. Must. Save. Money.

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