Tuesday, August 09, 2005

chocolates and stuff

I did crave for that endorphin-releasing chocolate after watching the movie. I haven't read Roald Dahl's book, so I cannot make criticisms of some sort in comparison to the book. Love the glass elevator! Great effects! Of course, "two-thumbs up for Johnny Depp!" I am a fan and will always be a fan of this actor. :)

On to the more serious stuff... Tonight, we'll have some of our questions answered when the Operations Manager of the company will meet us and discuss the transition and transfer of this account from this company, where I currently work in, to an entirely new company. We, as employees, will be retained upon transfer (thank God!) and I am just hoping this change is for the better. I got some plans running in my mind for possibly new accounts right now (like medical transcription, where I can apply my medical knowledge). *cross fingers*

There is, at least, one good reason why it's nice to live in the Philippines. :)


sharima said...

carlie and the chocolate factory is one of the most enjoyable movies I have watched this year. Though this is quite different from the one released in the 70x (?), I enjoyed it in all its strangeness/eccentricities...I like the foray into the childhood of wonka and the ending even if it was a diviation from the book

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

hi sharima! i haven't seen the old movie to compare, though i heard the author was not quite pleased with that movie. thanks for your comment! :)