Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I got tagged!

Ulan tagged me. So, here goes:

1. What are the things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you?

I read. I love reading. I can read the whole day, even if there are people around me. I also listen to music, sometimes I sing along with it and sometimes I get sentimental with the songs. I go online and write in my blog or surf the net and read other people's blogs and read some emails. I watch TV or if there's no good movie or music videos on cable, I rent and watch VCD's.

2. What lowers your stress/ blood pressure/ anxiety level?

A short-time remedy for me is deep breathing. I am so sensitive and moody that I easily get irritated or affected with the tiniest things. I just inhale all the (hopefully) fresh oxygen I can get and slowly exhale the carbon dioxide. This is also more effective when I close my eyes while doing this bit of pulmonary exercise. Some long-term remedies are reading, listening to music and sleeping. The last one sure helps a lot especially after my shift at work. I rarely do this nowadays, but I love walking too. Walking for about 30 to 45 minutes straight with my comfy rubber shoes and loose shirt and shorts. I love the sweaty feel after a good walk and this sure makes drinking icy cold water a really delicious experience. =)

3. Tag five friends and ask them to post it in theirs.

Ava Sharra, Rob, Kath, Jennie and Ivy.


Jezza said...

hi karen..

miss yah!!

musta lyf?? tagal kong di nakavisit d2...xenxa na!!

TC!! mwah!! hugs!!

jezza xx

Anonymous said...

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loryces said...

tag sana kita kaya lang naunahan ako ni ian hehe. :D

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

jezza: that's fine. thanks for visiting! :)

lau: oo nga eh. ikaw din sana. naunahan ako.

anonymous: ok... thanks for the comment and the info shared. hehe.