Sunday, August 21, 2005

what's the point?

Some say it's the journey that matters more than the destination. Some say otherwise.

I have been looking forward to this time of the month. As I woke up, I never noticed any exciting changes in my life. Then I realized that the past 2 weeks went by and since I was looking forward to this day, those days breezed by so fast I never got to do anything special. There was even nothing to blog about. Probably 5 years from now, I'd forgot what I ever did August of 2005.

So, I'm confused. If I was to enjoy everyday as it comes, then I shouldn't have opened a savings account and think about preparing for the future. I should have partied night and day as if it were my last day on earth. So, where would I draw the line between enjoying life as it passes by from preparing for tomorrow?

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