Tuesday, August 02, 2005

one more day down

One Monday through. The first day of August has passed. Last night was not a great one. I'm just glad it's over. My career path is still as blurry as the Dead Marshes.

Since it's August, I'm hoping my upload limit in Multiply has been refreshed. Yay! I can now upload the pics although I still can't upload those videos. Darn. Oh well. Take it one blessing at a time I guess. Finally, here's the album and to help you remember, here's the entry.

Earlier, I was watching some elementary kids playing during their lunch break (with their school uniforms on). I just miss being a kid again-- with no worries in life... when every experience is an adventure... when every little thing is appreciated. I wonder how it feels not to be jaded.

One more day down
Everybody has those days
Where one soft sweet song's
Just enough to clear my head

Fall on real life
Is anybody left there sane?
If we slide on over and accept fate
Then it's bound to be a powerful thing

If it's just that you're weak
Can we talk about it
It's gettin' so damn creepy
Just nursing this ghost of chance
The fiction, the romance
And the Technicolor dreams
Of black and white people

~Matchbox20, "Black and White People"