Monday, August 22, 2005

curses curses

Last night, I got an SMS message from a friend who told me and I quote: "Mark Feehily is F*ing gay!" I can't say I was surprised coz I have always suspected that he is. Like Stephen in Boyzone, there is always this one member of a boyband who would turn out to be gay. When all his band members started marrying women and he got left out, my gaydar was alerted.

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Westlife's Mark: I'm Gay and Proud

Mark is one of the my dream guys and I was just disappointed that my suspicions were right. I've always known I have this tendency... this curse of falling for men who turn out to be gay. I've had this since I was in high school. Where have all the (gorgeous) straight men gone?!

the lucky guy
Kevin McDaid of V
picture taken from
this site

I have nothing against Mark being gay. Deep inside, I've always known he is and he will still remain as one of the men I most admire but would never have. Now, I'm thinking of having a sex change and take steriods to have a body like Kevin's.

Of course, I'm just kidding. :)

my guy
Mark Feehily in Manila
taken May 2001


Tracy said...

I'm a BIG westlife fan,whatever Mark is gay or not,I am always support them.

Xtine said...

i didnt have any suspicions at all. i always thought it would be nicky who will come out (married or not!)

*sigh* im not disappointed or what. it's just that at one point of my life, he was the father of my kids... :O) i will support him no matter what! :D

loryces said...

whoa! that's surprising. naku ka, pa-transplant ka na nga lang. jeez i hope orlando's not gay.

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

tracy: we'll always be fans, gay or not gay. :)

xtine: i've never suspected nicky. i knew mark will go through the same path as stephen's.

lau: oo nga eh. dagdag gastos na naman. :(

diane said...

I totally feel ya on this...I have the same tendency (aka curse). But my admiration his voice & personality stays the same.