Saturday, August 06, 2005

what's up?


Ok. Here are some random thoughts.

Today as the first day that I have to start this conservative treatment for an embarrassing medical problem that I have. I just came from the hospital for consultation. No, I won't elaborate on it. It's just for me to know. :)

For those curious, I haven't seen the kittens anymore. For the first day my Mama was checking the area if they are safe. Then they disappeared overnight. Probably the mother cat already took them to another safe hideout. Maybe I'll see them one of these days.

I'm renting again coz I wanted to have a faster internet connection. I'm planning to transfer all my pictures from my sony imagestation albums to a new public photobucket album since free membership from imagestation will only be extended until September. Too bad...

Finally, I have opened a savings account. I just wish I could maintain it. :)

Lost an hour of sleep yesterday because I watched MTV's Hanging Out which featured a 30-minute Q&A with Neil Gaiman. It was a delayed telecast. As usual, he was the master storyteller when he gave long answers to most questions. He is just so animated when he speaks! I miss seeing him and hearing his British accent! *sigh*

Lately, I have been seeing zilch on my Pinoy Top Blog counter. I guess since Gaimania is over, not too many people are dropping by here enough to make it to top 100 again. As far as I can remember my highest place was 72. *sniff*

Pinoy Top Blogs

Oh well, setting my competitiveness aside, I'm just glad it's finally the weekend. I can rest and I can go to the mall or maybe watch a movie... or maybe harrass my cousin-in-law for the Harry Potter book he promised my sis. :)

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